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Hello, my name is David Beights. I’m a 41 year old professional, single parent that was born and raised in Southern California.  I am six foot, seven inches & weigh 260 pounds and  have been bodysurfing for over 27 years throughout Mexico, California, and Hawaii.  Although I have played in several team and individual sports, including basketball, track, wrestling, mountain biking, tennis & racquetball, I have never replicated the overwhelming joy that bodysurfing generates.  The spiritual and physical excitement that I experience when riding five to fifteen foot high waves is sometimes difficult to describe.  There is an incredibly deep sense of balance and completeness between myself and the ocean.   I’m like a wandering soul that found his home. 
     Two years ago, my sense of joy and fulfillment was unexpectedly multiplied by the introduction of a wonderful invention;  BobDavis' "WAVE BLADES".  Because of their hydrodynamics Wave Blades decrease my drag in the water, thus dramatically increasing my speed.  I am able to use them in both big and small surf.  In small surf  I can distribute my weight further out in front of the wave and get rides I ordinarily could not (being my size). However, the real joy is in big surf.  I can hydroplane with 45% of my body out of the water on big waves, my speed is doubled, my maneuvering ability broadened, and the length of the rides are tremendously extended.  People greet me on the beach after my sessions with awe, inquiring what these things are on my hands. Surfers in the water consistently share the same curiosity. Slowly but surely  I’ve begun to see more and more Wave Blades around Southern California.  Without fail, upon seeing another Wave Blade enthusiast, there is an immediate bonding and understanding. 
        I show my Wave Blades to friends, acquaintances, and strangers alike.  Invariably, they spark conversation, intrigue, and respect.  I know in my heart that they have changed my life for the better and I thank Bob Davis for his ingenuity in this great gift that he has given to ocean enthusiasts around the world.  I welcome any inquiries to this product.


David S. Beights
(760) 943-9552