To: Bob Davis

From: Mike Johnson

Subj.: Wave Blades

Age: 48

Occupation: Marine Engineer- Responsible for all maintenance on US Navy combatant ships. Survey hull, mechanical, electrical, communication, and combat systems to determine proper repair activity, and determine the time period for accomplishment.

Background: Began bodysurfing at he age 12. Moved into surfing at age 13. Started on long boards and went through the short board evolution. Began Knee boarding in 1973. Returned to primarily bodysurfing in 1992. In the search for greater maneuverability began using the web glove which was an improvement but not a great solution.  In 1995 began using Wave Blades. These were a quantum leap forward in control and speed on a wave. Wave Blades provide greater control, maneuverability, and speed in all types of waves. They are especially beneficial in steep/hollow waves to maintain position with added speed to make critical sections. I am able to make more waves and have more fun with the Wave Blades than ever before. I would not consider bodysurfing without my Waves Blades.

                                                        MIKE JOHNSON