To whom It may concern/prospective Wave Blade purchaser .

 In my 30 years of water activity including all types of surfing, swimming and diving Wave
 Blades are the one greatest tool I've ever seen to enhance the pleasure of body surfing
 and swimming. For the last 5 years Wave Blades have enabled me to take my body
 surfing to a much higher level than ever envisioned. The added planing surface plus
hydrodynamic shape allows more speed and control than I ever thought possible.

 Stop for a moment and look closely at the Wave Blades. You'll see a finely tuned tool
 not a toy that is in perspective a miniature surfboard on each hand. So youíll be riding
 two small surfboards. This will enable you to do many things not only better but that
 you've never been able to do. Lets examine just a couple of these.
 A. More Speed: Youíll be able to push down with one or both of them depending on
 where you are in the wave, to raise your chest out of the water. In the normal
 bodysurfing position you are riding on your chest and stomach but since your head is up
 looking where you're going your back is at least partially arched and your chest is pushing a lot of water and thus slowing you down!  Think of when you normally obtain thc moat speed: its when the wave is steepest and your chest IS OUT OF THE WATER!.
.When you get your chest out of the water thus reducing drag you gain speed. With
 more speed you are able to do maneuvers like bottom turns, off the lips, cut backs and
 actually make it out of deeps tubes. With Wave Blades and experience you will be able
to consistently do all of these with a high degree of confidence.

 B. Edge Control: With added speed you'll need some method of controlling this added speed. How do surfboards deal with this issue? They have edges and fins. Wave Blades have both! As you ride with the Wave Blades engaged in the wave face you'll be able to steer and adjust your track by rotating your hand(s),  Also in  previously uncontrollably steep faces, the edge and .V' in the Wave Blades can control even free falls where your body isn't even in the water but the Wave  Blades acting as a surfboard can and will give you the control necessary to pull off unbelievable late drops. By using your trailing Wave Blade and engaging it back by your outside hip you achieve  even more edge control and stability. This has been a revelation in maintaining position stability inside of hollow tubular waves.
More speed. More control, creating more confidence & skill allowing more fun...My

 Wave Blades are a tool for developing your skill and having more fun and enjoyment.
The best bodysurfers in the world have used and like them... They canít be wrong!!
 For the recreational or serious water enthusiast, Wave Blades will help you go places
you've only dreamed of.

I have 4 pair and can't wait to get in the water each weekend.

 Bill Welsh
 Quality Business Consultant
 48 years old