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By Nick Menas 

As founder of the International Body Surfing Association, Bob Davis reached me through contacts at Surfer Magazine. His goal was to produce the best bodysurfing hand board. Having competed successfully for a number of years (five time Manhattan Beach Champion, two-time runner-up at World BSC) I was asked to demo a number of different designer’s boards. Bob’s relentless desire for me to try his board was proven more so when he flew out from Long Island, New York to stay with me for a couple of days. So, therefore, I am probably one of a few individuals who have seen the evolution of what is now called the “Wave Blade”.

Originally, the Wave Blades (you wear one on each hand) weighed over one pound and were hard to swim with. Since then they have been modified with lighter material and more hydrodynamic lift to carry me across a wave. The first time I tried them on I knew that the Wave Blades had potential. After riding them now for over 3 years, I can truthfully say that the Wave Blade is the best bodysurfing instrument around.

Nick Menas
Nick Menas

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