How to order


The cost is now $200 per pair +shipping.  Each pair takes Six hours to make  sometimes more depending on hand configuration. The wait time is about two weeks!
Shipping anywhere in the United States add $10.00. Australia is $27

 To start the process   you need to pick the  size of the bottom of the Wave Blade you want. How do you figure this one out you ask?
People who are taller than 6 ft usually, but not always go with the 10 inch long pair. Whereas people who are shorter "5 ft- 5.11 use the smaller ones which are 8.5 inches long. Those that love the smaller ones are usually  People who are  purest, who usually don't use anything bodysurfing except fins and don't want their bodysurfing style hindered. These people love the extra speed they get from the Waveblades to be there when they need it. These people like to do underwater maneuvers such as dolphining, underwater take offs and reentry's. Larger hand boards especially on smaller people can hinder these types of tricks.  Many people end up buying both size bottoms for different size waves.. It is almost like taking out the Long boards on those smaller days and the shorter Surf board on bigger days. But if for any reason after you have used the Waveblades two or three times and you don't like them you can return them. I will not credit you for the shipping though. Likewise, if you take the Larger ones and you don't like them  you can switch them for the small ones but you will have to get back in line and wait for them. Another option you have is that I can custom cover the Wave Blade in a material of your choosing so that if you want something special I will do it for no extra cost. If you want to use you own material. I need a half yard of lycra spandex, which is bathing suit material.  You can  order Small, Medium, large and Xlarge and super xlarge. For the best fit  I require  you to send me by mail, (not fax), an outline drawing of your hand with your fingers spread a little bit. Keep the pencil or pen close the fingers for best fit.

Click here for images of different covered Waveblade

To purchase Waveblades
Please use 
or send a check 

My paypal account is

If you want to pay by check
Send your check or money order to:
Bob Davis
1730 Hygeia ave
Encinitas  ca 92024

cell (760)  500-1345