Tim Casinelli


Tim Casinelli

I grew up as an ocean child. My parents had a house on the beach in Leucadia, CA and I spent most of my time playing in the Pacific Ocean. This is when I learned to bodysurf. I started competing in bodysurfing in 1981 and have only missed one year since then. There are usually two contests a year that I compete in; Carlsbad International Bodysurfing Contest and the World Bodysurfing Championships. I have made the finals in my age group in both contests each year except for one. I will only highlight my victories in these contests. If you need a more detailed list of results please let me know.

World Bodysurfing Championships
*2 time Grand Champion
*9 time age division champion
Carlsbad International Bodysurfing Championships
*7 time Grand Champion
*10 time age division champion

I have also traveled many areas of the world bodysurfing and board surfing. Some of these places include: Hawaii, Mainland & Baja Mexico, Costa Rica, & England. 

I have just begun playing with my Wave Blades and find that they are much faster than traditional bodysurfing. The speed that is generated by the use of Wave Blades is incredible. I still need practice to fine tune some maneuvers that I've been working on. I also have friends that have improved their bodysurfing ten fold by the use of Wave Blades. They are great for getting the planing feeling over the surf. 

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