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Tim Peckham
Business Owner
4580 Mariners Bay
Oceanside, CA 92057

To Whom It May Concern:

RE:  Waveblades

I have been a water enthusiast for my entire life and couldnít be more excited about this new innovative product, WaveBlades.  Originally, I used the WaveBlades so I could still exercise after suffering an ankle injury.  They provided an incredible workout that was a lot more enjoyable than running or working out in the gym almost every day and dramatically reduced the strain on my joints and of course provided better back support.

After successful rehabilitation using the WaveBlades I began to realize their potential both in the pool for swimmers and on waves for Bodysurfers.  They dramatically increased my upper body strength, endurance and speed when using them in the pool or ocean.  Because of their unique construction and design, they allowed me to use normal strokes in the pool when swimming laps, which had not been possible with previous swimming paddles.  In short, I gained raw speed with less repetitive training.

Use of WaveBlades in the Ocean changed my view of bodysurfing dramatically.  You could say they opened a whole New World for me.  I had such incredible fun bodysurfing with these that I now bodysurf most of time instead of surfing. Using WaveBlades allows me to quickly learn new tricks and ride more difficult sections of the wave. WaveBlades provide to Bodysurfers the dramatic speed and mobility that fins provide to bodyboarders.  My skills as a bodysurfer have increased dramatically because of WaveBlades and I feel that I can easily be competitive in bodysurfing contests even if I canít use them because of the skills and techniques I learned utilizing them. For those who like competition more and more bodysurfing contests like Point Panic, Hawaii are allowing their use.  The bottom line is fun, because WaveBlades allow me to aggressively shred a wave like a surfer without limiting anymore the types of tricks I do or the critical sections of the wave I ride. Itís hard to believe since they donít always get along, but bodyboarders and surfers enjoy them as much as bodysurfers.

Tim Peckham, PCAM, CCAM